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The West Maui Book Club (WMBC) is a reader's social club created for the enjoyment and discussion of fiction and nonfiction novels only. Its members do not discuss any other types of publications including: directories, dictionaries, magazines, encyclopedias, journals, albums, hymnals, prayer books, puzzle books, etc.

Any books or materials sent to the WMBC must be at the author's expense and will become the property of the WMBC and/or its members. Items will not be returned. Distribution of any item received by the WMBC is at the sole discretion of its members. The WMBC mailing address is: WEST MAUI BOOK CLUB, P.O. Box 12615, Lahaina, HI 96761 Attn: E. Gallant.

Authors are required to send at their expense a minimum of two copies of any finished novel -- in hard or paperback only -- that they wish to have considered prior to approval by the WMBC. These items will not be returned but rather distributed or donated as members of the WMBC determine. Should the WMBC approve an author's request, they must be on time and available at the agreed upon location to answer and represent the published work as it was described in the WMBC Author Questionnaire. In addition, authors must also personally attend to any special needs they require.

Approved Visiting Guests must come prepared and on time to participate in any discussion. They will dine at their own expense and will also attend personally to any special needs they require. Likewise, they will not directly or indirectly solicit any materials, services, products, etc. while in attendance at any WMBC discussion unless previously discussed.

Any and all Internet "link" requests that are approved by the WMBC should be a mutually exchanged between websites. In other words, if we are kind enough to link your website with the WMBC, we kindly ask that you link the WMBC website with yours. Along with its logo, the WMBC should be listed as follows: West Maui Book Club Member (Discussion Site or Ohana Club, whichever applies), plus www.WestMauiBookClub.com.

Ohana Book Club members agree to freely exchange titles for everyone's reading enjoyment and will continue to update its list so long as it remains an ongoing WMBC Ohana Book Club. Representatives of all WMBC Ohana Book Clubs must have secured permission of its club's members to represent them. The WMBC does not accept responsibility for any other club's misrepresentation and reserves the right to remove that club from its site should it deem necessary to do so. The WMBC also reserves the right to remove any and all information provided by other parties if it appears unfit for its members.

Any services provided or products sold or exchanged through the listings found in the "BOOK IT!" section of the WMBC are done exclusively between the individual service or product provider and the purchaser or exchanger. The WMBC as a whole, or any of its members, will not be held accountable or responsible either directly or indirectly for such transactions.