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Don't forget your Public Library --
Did you know you can download audiobooks, e-books and more at your public library? Maui has eight libraries scattered around the island with the newly rennovated Lahaina Branch located makai (oceanside) at 680 Wharf St. -- right next door to the historic Pioneer Inn in Lahaina town. The Lahaina Library's hours are Tues 12-8 and Wed-Sat 10-5. It is closed on Sunday's and Monday's. Phone: (808)-662-3950

Speaking of the Library...don't forget about its used book stores!

To help support our library and its programs with the sale of used books, we also have a Lahaina branch of the Maui Friends of the Library bookstore located within the Wharf Cinema Center at 658 Front Street; website: www.mauifriendsofthelibrary.org, phone: (808)-667-2696. Check the site for other locations around the island!

Give this a try...
Look for free books online in several different ways! One is through Google by simply typing in the title and the word "free" and see what happens. Another way is through the Gutenberg Press (if the novel is of a certain age) by going to www.gutenberg.org. You never know...the book you are looking for just might be "out there" for free!

Have you ever thought of renting a booK?
Nook and Kindle book rentals for up to 14 days can be had for as little at $2.99 per novel. Some sites will also allow you to rent out a few of your own... Try ebookfling.com and see if this works for you.

Don't be afraid to ask!
Many major bookstores offer group discounts and select group rates, like for teachers and small business. So don't be afraid to ask if you or your club qualifies for any of them. The savings can be significant.

Can I share my Kindle E-Book?

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WMBC donates over 130 books to the Lahaina Public Library.

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How To Start Your Own Book Club

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