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WMBC Discussion Locations

Duke's Beach House – steps from the beach, open-air dining, and food Duke Kahanamoku would be proud to know is served in his name. The WMBC suggests the crispy coconut shrimp or crab and Mac nut wontons, mango bbq ribs, and even poke rolls! What's not to love? The private dining area is a bit public, but the WMBC enjoyed it just the same.

Espresso Italiano - While technically, we can't say we went to Emanuela "Manu" De Lucchi's restaurant "Espresso Italiano" to discuss one of our books, but we can say she came to us! Located at 180 Dickenson St, #115, Manu prepared a delicious array of different focaccia topped with prosciutto, egg salad and eggplant as well as a finishing, sweet and tastful strawberry crosata. Dining in has never been better! 808-661-6216

Fleetwood's on Front Street – when a well-known musician, such as Mick Fleetwood, opens a restaurant on Maui's West Side, heads are going to turn and feet are going to run to the door! The dinner menu has everything from an $8 Roasted Maui Tomato Soup to a $32,274.81 Harley Davidson Hog Burger that includes in its price one similar to the real ride sitting by the side entrance. Of course prices are subject to change, but the WMBC wouldn't have changed its night of discussion for any amount. P.S -- look for the red flag on the rooftop...if it's flying high, Mick is in the house...

Gerard's Restaurant - Viva la France, Chef Gerard and the WMBC for choosing this restaurant as a discussion location. Unique in plantation-style decor, elegant in service and atmosphere, and savory in contemporary island French cuisine, the dining experience at Gerard's is more like a long-lost relative's warm embrace. We were coddled in a comfy private dining room that featured a wall lined with labelled wines and another by curtained (and closed, s'il vous plait) French doors that led into the main dining area. Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

Honu Seafood & Pizza - Who doesn't love a quaint, oceanfront eatery with some of the best dishes found on Front Street? Go for the grilled octopus or ahi bruschetta, the handmade pizza or kale salad...we did...all of it! Plus we had the best staff serving us when last we visted. Owner and chef, Mark Ellman, is stellar and his food is always something of a feast for the eyes and mouth. We're so tickled over this restaurant it is a favorite with our loved ones as well.

King Kamehameha Golf Club – "Maui's only 18-hole private golf club", so announces the club's slogan and, yes, it is a member's only place. But once the WMBC told management there that they wanted to discuss "Loving Frank" under the roof of its Frank Lloyd Wright designed clubhouse, it was opened doors straight into its Wai Kahe Room to dine on Eurasian and Japanese fare. The meal was followed by a private clubhouse tour of what was originally meant to be the home of Marilyn Monroe, who once said, "If I'd observed all the rules I'd never have got anywhere.""

Royal Ocean Terrace Restaurant - a restaurant so spacious that we had no trouble finding a private table to converse over our latest novel and not disturb other diners! The Ocean Terrace is open air with lovely ocean views and a staff so accommodating we felt like we were the most valued guests. Do try the Kahuna Salad that is aptly "big" or the Ono Pulehu BBQ ribs, both so delicously Hawaiian. But don't stop there because this restaurant has it all and you will leave feeling quite ma'ona.

Sale Pepe Maui – we've never held a book club discussion here, but believe it's worthy of mention for being true to its Italian roots. Great for date night, the owners, Michele and Qiana, welcome you as if directly into their home while sending your tastebuds off to Rozzano, Milan to dine on select recipes inspired by Michele's nonna.

Saigon Seafood – family owned and who make you feel like family when selecting from their extensive Vietnamese menu offering delicious spring rolls, chicken stir fry, Chow Funn, pork in clay pot, Pho and lettuce wraps amongst its many other dishes. And, while the WMBC members were happily sampling orders placed on a spinning lazy Susan, so too were the opinions over the club's latest read.